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LGBTQ Resources: Local and State Resources

Resources and information for LGBTQ individuals, family members, and allies.

Local and State Resources

Local Resources:

Colorado Mesa University Gender and Sexualities Alliance 

The Colorado Mesa University Gender and Sexualities Alliance is a student organization that aims to promote equality for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender expression.  The GSA meets regularly and hosts multiple events, including CMU's annual week-long Unity Fest and MavClusion.  You can find more information about the GSA on CMU's website.

Colorado West Pride

Colorado West Pride is a local nonprofit organization that promotes diversity, acceptance, progression and unity within Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.  They organize several events each year, including the annual Colorado West Pride Fest.  You can access more information on Colorado West Pride's website.

The Rainbow Closet Grand Junction

The Rainbow Closet Grand Junction is a nonprofit organization that provides free clothing in a safe environment for trans individuals.  You can find more information by visiting their Facebook page.  

State Resources:

The Center on Colfax

The Center on Colfax is a Denver-based LGBTQ community center that provides programs and resources statewide for Colorado’s LGBTQ community.  You can access additional information by visiting the Center on Colfax's website.

Colorado Name Change Project

The Colorado Name Change Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of transgender Coloradans by assisting them with their legal name change and gender marker corrections.  Their goal is to increase access to resources, provide accurate information, reduce the bureaucracy, streamline the process, and reduce financial barriers for transgender Coloradans seeking to have their legal identity match their true identity.  You can find more information about the Colorado Name Change Project by visiting their website.  

One Colorado

One Colorado is a Colorado-based advocacy organization dedicated to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Coloradans and their families.  You can learn more about One Colorado by visiting their website.  

History Colorado 

History Colorado is a nonprofit organization established in 1879 as the State Historical Society of Colorado.  As part of their mission to preserve the history and heritage of Coloradans from all backgrounds, they host events, share stories, and provide a public archive of historical materials from Colorado’s LGBTQ community.  They currently operate thirteen historic sites and museums across the state.   

Transformative Freedom Fund

The Transformative Freedom Fund is a nonprofit organization that provides financial support for transition-related care to transgender Coloradans.  The application cycle is open from January through April every year and funding decisions are made by mid-June for each funding cycle.  You can learn more by visiting their website.