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Genealogy: Online Tutorials and Newsletters

Find both the library's and the internet's genealogy resources here, with links to local interests, research advice, and topical newsletters.

Tutorials and Guides

Finding Your Roots

This companion website to the PBS series, Ancestors, is a helpful introductory guide for beginning your search.

Help for Genealogical Researchers

The USGenWeb website features a great outline on where to start and how to tackle specific genealogical challenges, from searching the census, to organizing your results, to genealogical computer software.

Genealogy Learning Center

This guide from will show you all you need to know to get started, with glossaries and step-by-step guides to finding information.

Family Search

The website, offers research classes online.  Many lessons have video sessions, and many are on research with specific nationalities.

Finding Obituaries

A great resource on how to find obituaries, this website from IPL is helpful in gathering the information you need and organizing your requests.

National Genealogical Society

The National Genealogical Society website offers courses for beginners, though you must be a NGS member to access them.

Native American Research

The website includes helpful information on how to begin your native research project.