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Downloadable and Streaming Media: Kanopy Streaming Movies

Download ebooks, audiobooks, video and magazines from your library.

Kanopy Mobile Apps

A Kanopy app is currently available for the mobile devices below. Click on the links to find more information on how to access and use these.

  • iOS devices
  • Android devices - please note after April 15, 2024, users with devices running Android OS 7.1.0 or earlier will be required to update their operating system or switch to another supported device to continue using the Kanopy app.
  • Amazon Fire tablets

Find TV Apps below:

Kanopy TV Apps

A Kanopy app is currently available for the TV devices below. Click on the links to find more information on how to access and use these.

If you do not have access to any of the above devices, you can also view Kanopy on your television by connecting your computer to your television via HDMI cable.

How to Sign Up for Kanopy

  1. Visit
  2. Click on 'Add Library Card'
  3. Finish creating your account by signing up with an email/password, or link an existing Google or Apple account.
  4. Check your email to verify your account before you can begin using Kanopy.
  5. To use Kanopy with a mobile device or TV app, please see the 'Kanopy TV Apps' section of this guide.

Cannot access with Digital Access Only or Temp card types.

Kanopy FAQs

How many titles can I watch?

You will receive 24 tickets every month. The amount of tickets required to view a video varies based on content. The amount of tickets required will be displayed on Kanopy for each title.

You get to decide whether you want to watch a 1 ticket short, a 2 ticket independent movie, a 4 ticket major studio movie, or a series which requires up to 5 tickets. Some content requires zero tickets. Kanopy sets the ticket value for every title.

Once you press play on a movie or series, you will automatically use the displayed number of tickets after 5 seconds. 

Kanopy Kids videos are excluded from the ticket system and viewing Kanopy Kids content is unlimited. 

Read more about how tickets work.

How long do I get to watch a video?

The viewing window varies by content. Once you press play, you have the amount of time displayed in Kanopy to watch it as many times as you like. If you would like to watch the same series or video after the viewing window has closed, you will use additional tickets.

How do series with multiple episodes work?

Standard episodic content varies based on the running time of the series. The amount of tickets required and the viewing window will be posted on Kanopy for your information. The following chart shows the ticket requirement and viewing period for series.

Running Time Ticket Requirement Viewing Period
2 hours or less 2 3 days
2-4 hours 3 3 days
4-6 hours 3 7 days
6+ hours 5 14-21 days

 When will my tickets reset?

Tickets reset on the 1st of the month.  Once you have used your 24 tickets within a month, you will not be able to check-out any new videos until the 1st of the new month.

Can I create my own video lists?

You can save titles to watch at a later date by clicking on +Watchlist. You can access the +Watchlist option by either hovering over the title, or clicking on the title, then pressing the +Watchlist button. You can remove items from the Watchlist by pressing -Watchlist. See your saved lists by clicking on your username at the top of the page.

You can also create and share playlists of videos using the custom playlists feature.

How can I keep track of videos I have checked out?

Kanopy does not automatically display viewing history. You can create a custom playlist for videos you have watched under My Lists > Custom Playlists.

What devices can I use to watch videos?

You can watch videos on a computer or mobile device using a web browser. The Kanopy app is available for supported iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Amazon Fire tablets. 

You will need an internet connection to watch videos on Kanopy. Films cannot be downloaded to a computer or device; they only stream through the internet.

Can I stream to my television?

Options for streaming to your television include:

  • Roku

  • Smart TVs including Apple TV, FireTV, androidtv and Samsung

  • Chromecast using an Android/Google device

  • Connecting your computer to your television via HDMI

Can visually impaired users access the films?

Yes, Kanopy's website and video player are both fully compatible with all screen readers on desktop browsers, as well as with iOS and Android devices.

Are there age restrictions on using Kanopy?

Kanopy content is intended for library users aged 18 years and above. Please see Kanopy’s Terms of Service

Children and families can enjoy Kanopy Kids content. Look for the word ‘KIDS’ at the top of the screen. Kanopy KIDS videos do not require tickets and are unlimited viewing.

Parents can set up parental controls to only allow access within Kanopy KIDS. To enable, set a 4-digit pin in My Account > Parental Controls, then navigate into KIDS. The PIN will need to be entered to exit KIDS. Parents will need to navigate back into Kanopy KIDS to reapply the control.

Please see Kanopy Help for further assistance, email us, or call us at 970-243-4442.