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COVID-19 Information and Resources: Library Services

Current information and reliable resources for understanding and responding to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Social Stories


Social Stories are common aides for addressing the social skills of individuals with special needs or to simply ease anxiety when visiting a new place. Social Stories help to guide new and current patrons on how to navigate a regular visit to the library. Our Social Stories are meant to be read before visiting the library--that way the patron will have an idea of how to browse the collection, ask for help from staff members, the check-out process, and how to enter and exit the building, among others. Mesa County Libraries hopes these Social Stories are wonderful guidance to your upcoming visit to the library.

Online Library Services

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Drive-Thru and Curbside Service

Curbside and drive-thru information has been moved to this page. Please update any bookmarks.

Library Blog Posts Re: COVID-19

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