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Personal Finance: Personal Finance

Guide to personal finance topics, including debt, credit, ID theft, investing and more.



EBooks are electronic books. You can download ebooks through the library's wesbite. Visit our downloadable media page to learn more about the process. You can read ebooks on a variety of devices - you can read them off the computer, on a tablet (like iPad), an iPhone, on a smartphone (with Android), and of course, on most ereaders. Take books with you wherever you go!

Basic Banking, Money Education, and Budgeting Websites

Equifax Data Breech, IndentityTheft & Credit Freeze Information

Online Personal Finance Lessons!

Library Resources


Keep up to date on money topics with these magazines, which can be checked out from the library, with the exception of the most current issue:




Investor's Business Daily

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Retirement Report


Wall Street Journal

Book a librarian

For Android/iPhones - Mobile App allows you to track, budget and manage your money. It easily lets you see where your money is going every month, which helps you make better saving and budgeting decisions next time. The app is free! Android, iPhone.