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Election & Voting Information: Election & Voting Information

Political party Information

April 6, 2021 City of Grand Junction Municipal Election Results

District A:

Mark McCallister 6,357 votes

Rick Taggart 9,259 votes

District D:

Greg Haitz 6,961

Dennis J. Simpson 8,213

District E: 

Jody Green 6,109

Abe Herman 9,374

At Large

Kraig Andrews 6,167

Randall Reitz 9,122

City of Grand Junction Referred Measure 2A

Should city taxes be increased by $2.9 million by raising the tax rate of the sale of retail marijuana from 3.25% to 8.25%?

Yes 9,235 votes

No 7,305 votes

City of Grand Junction Referred Measure 2B

Should the City of Grand Junction allow for the operation of marijuana businesses in the city?

Yes 9,755

No 7,055

City of Grand Junction Referred Measure 2C

Shall Ordinance 4295 be amended in the context of the current zoning of the property by modifying certain established conditions on the developed property located at 347 and 348 27 1/2 Road and 2757 C 1/2 Road?

Yes 11,954

No 4,216

Mesa County Libraries & Amendment B

Voter Education Links

Information for Voters Experiencing Homelessness

YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PERMANENT ADDRESS. You’ll need to provide an address when you register to vote – this is used to assign your voting districts and to send any election mail. Homeless registrants can list a shelter address, or can include the address where they sleep most often, like a street corner or park address. Learn more about voting and homelessness from Nonprofit Vote.

Information for Disabled Voters

If you're disabled and experiencing problems such as:

  • Being denied the right to vote
  • Trying to vote while in a residential facility or group home
  • You were not allowed into a polling place because of a service animal
  • Lack of an accessible voting machine
  • Family, caretakers, or poll workers trying to prevent you from voting

...and any other issues, contact: 

Disability Law Denver 

303-722-0300 Voice/TDD
800-288-1376 Toll Free

Information for Felons

In Colorado, your right to vote is automatically restored after release from prison. 

For a list of FAQ's for voters with convictions, visit this website: Voters With Convictions




Library Books on Voting