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Emergency Preparedness: Emergency by Type

Find checklists and information on how to be prepared for a variety of situations. Also find contact information for organizations that can be helpful during emergencies.

Common Colorado Natural Disasters

FEMA Colorado Page

Drought (FEMA) (Red Cross)

Extreme Heat (CDC) (FEMA) (Red Cross)

Floods (CDC) (FEMA) (Red Cross)

Landslides and Mudslides (CDC) (FEMA) (Red Cross) (USGS)

Thunderstorms & Lightning (CDC) (FEMA) (Red Cross)

Wildfires (CDC) (FEMA) (Red Cross)

Winter Weather (CDC) (FEMA) (Red Cross)

Natural Disasters Not Common to Colorado


Sign up for community and emergency alerts

Emergency Notification System - GJ / Mesa County

Other Potential Threats

Bioterrorism (CDC)

Blackouts (FEMA) (Red Cross)

Chemical Emergencies (CDC) (Red Cross)

Hazardous Materials (FEMA)

Infectious Disease (CIDRAP - Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy)

Pandemic (FEMA)

Radiation Emergencies (CDC)

Terrorist Hazards (FEMA) (Red Cross)