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U.S. & World History: Home

A guide to new and traditional history that is trending at the Mesa County Libraries.


Welcome to the U.S. and World History Research Guide at Mesa County Libraries! Here we will look at the books and media available at the library related to broader history. We will discover their context, persuasions, and the analysis of topics throughout the span of time and the human experience. This site will serve as a useful research tool to glean the information that you wish to find in our resources. Please don't hesitate to email me with any research topics, requests, or general questions about history and historiography. It's my passion to talk about this subject and bring relevant resources to you. Happy hunting historians!

Library Assistant - History

Tim McGreer

About Me

My name is Timothy McGreer and I'm a Library Assistant at Mesa County Public Libraries. I help our Information Services experts and contribute to their resources within the fields of History and Internet Security. I'm also a happily married husband, father, and pilot. I spend most of my spare time coding, reading, and writing about about my passion: modern and post-modern Russian History.